Dubai fitness fanatics bidding for World Record attempt

Dubai Addidas Fitness Challenge World Record

This collaboration between Adidas, Les Mills and DFC represents an innovative effort to redefine the fitness landscape

Fitness enthusiasts, this one has your name on it!

On 12 November Dubai Fitness Challenge along with iconic sports brand Adidas are bidding to set a new Guinness World Record together.

Organisers are gearing up for an extraordinary attempt as part of the Dubai Fitness Challenge who will host ‘The Largest HIIT Workout’ on Sheikh Zayed Road, inviting all UAE residents and tourists over 16 to be part of a historic fitness achievement.

Participants, driven by the collective DFC goal of 30 minutes of daily exercise, will engage in an exhilarating Les Mills workout led by world-class trainers.

Adidas are providing cutting-edge activewear for this epic event against the iconic backdrop of Dubai’s Museum of the Future. This collaboration between Adidas, Les Mills and DFC represents an innovative effort to redefine the fitness landscape, combining technology with fitness experiences to inspire fitness enthusiasts and the next generation.

The Guinness World Record attempt signifies a historic moment in the fitness industry, showcasing the power of community, motivation and innovation in achieving remarkable goals.

Led by Les Mills’ top instructors, this high-energy workout is set to be a historic fitness event that’s open to all fitness levels. Kicking off at 5 am, get ready for an exhilarating workout guided by world-class trainers, and fueled by cutting-edge activewear provided by Adidas.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a beginner, this collaboration will leave you energised and ready for new challenges.

Following the HIIT session, Sheikh Zayed Road transforms into a cycling track for the iconic Dubai Ride event. If you have a bike and a helmet, consider signing up for both events to make the most of your day.

If you feel like joining any part of the challenge and want to make history by becoming involved in this extraordinary event then visit



12 November


Sheik Zayed Road


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