New Sharjah art exhibition highlights the bonds between humans and the environment

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The exhibition runs until December

There’s a new art exhibition in Sharjah and this one focus on the environment through the works of four international artists from Italy, Britain and Ghana.

The exhibition opened at the Sharjah headquarters of the Bee’ah Group, which, according to its website, offers groundbreaking environmental innovations and smart solutions for future-ready cities.

Harmony with Nature: A Lifelong Journey of Practice, the name of the exhibition, showcases artworks by four international artists from Italy and Britain.

The exhibition is open now and runs until December 2024.

The exhibition showcases work by Mario Merz from Italy, whose works highlight nature and the meanings and connotations that symbolises, representing infinity, renewal, repetition and regularity through the structures of ice huts.


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Anatsuri from Ghana, showcases a unique style that combines sculpture, drawing and artistic installation, and uses. old materials in a letter calling to encourage recycling.

Anatsuri, narrates the human relationship with the environment, and highlights the importance of strengthening the bonds between humans and nature with the aim of overcoming the global climate challenges facing Earth.

The works on display also include a distinct visual experience of the artist Dan Holdsworth from the United Kingdom, who combines photography and digital effects to present the aesthetics of charming natural scene.

In addition to the works of the British artist of Pakistani origin, Shezad Dawood, presents works that combine several different arts that accompany the viewer to explore.

Bee’ah Group is organising the exhibition in cooperation with Sebastien Montabonel, founder of the artistic consulting agency Montabonel & Partners, and May Barber, creative director at A&P Consulting.



Now till December 2023
Monday to Thursday,  9 am – 3pm


Bee’ah headquarters, Sharjah


You can visit the art exhibition by registering through Bee’ah Group’s main headquarters website,

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Image source Wam, Pixabay

Derek Issacs