Mestaria Gallery is opening the Monochrome Metropolis exhibition soon


Check out Tom Butler’s latest exhibition Monochrome Metropolis at Mestaria Gallery this month

Explore the city we all know and love in the most beautiful way possible – through the latest exhibition at Mestaria Gallery.

British artist Tom Butler will present his latest exhibition, ‘Monochrome Metropolis’ from 27 January to 18 February. The exhibition launch will coincide with the vibrant artistic festival Al Quoz Arts Fest 2024, held on 27 and 28 of January.

Butler’s artworks present detailed contemporary representations of some of Dubai’s most well-known cityscapes. Upon deeper reflection, a captivating and intricately woven narrative harmoniously unveils itself, encouraging viewers to explore the hidden depths within each piece.

In a departure from his signature vibrant collages, Butler’s ‘Monochrome Metropolis’ illuminates a refined exploration of Dubai’s architectural story. This series showcases Butler’s meticulous craftsmanship, using fine line ink and graphite to create accurately detailed art.

The deliberate reduction of collage elements invites viewers to immerse themselves in stylised representations of Dubai’s landscape, encouraging contemplation and appreciation of scenic beauty.

As a tribute to Dubai’s architectural narrative, the exhibition encapsulates an artistic personal journey through the cityscape using the power of a single hue. Through intricate layers of paper, pens, and pencils, Butler constructs a tapestry that captures the city’s structural essence, evoking a sense of timeless elegance and depth.

At the heart of the exhibition lies Butler’s fascination with Dubai’s juxtaposition of historical gravitas and bold modernity. Each artwork eloquently captures the dynamic evolution of Dubai’s urban landscape, weaving together the city’s mysterious charm and architectural splendour with subtle precision.

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27 January – 18 February


Mestaria Gallery


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Image source Mestaria Art Tom Butler

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