All you need to know about the Sharjah Light Festival 2024

Sharjah Light Festival

Dates, times, and all the information you need to know Sharjah Light Festival 2024 next month

Now in its 13th year, the Sharjah Light Festival has sparked from a small initiative to a marquee event on the emirate’s calendar.

Ever year, the festival invites internationally renowned artists to celebrate science, creativity and heritage in a display of lights, colours and music at beloved landmarks across Sharjah.

The world’s most acclaimed light festival combines local talent and internationally renowned artists. Here’s all you need to know about this year’s edition of the Sharjah Light Festival.


What is the Sharjah Light Festival?


The Festival is a highly anticipated annual event, utilising creative and innovative light technology and specifically curated music so the iconic landmarks of the emirate, such as Sharjah Mosque, the University City Hall, and many more.

Many of the designs are poetic and inspired by local culture, stories and traditions or incorporate nature and space, although some are based on more modern art and design.

With sustainability being the major focus for the UAE going forward, it has also become part of the SLF agenda. All the lights and projectors used have passed certification for environmental compliance, while surrounding lights are switched off saving up to 60% of the power in area.


How long will the Sharjah Light Festival run?


The festival will run from 7-18 February this year, although the Sharjah Light Festival Light Village will be open from 1-18 February.

Where will the Sharjah Light Festival be taking place?


Generally spread across various iconic spots in Sharjah, some of the structures you can expect to light up include the Al Noor Mosque, Al Majaz Waterfront, Dibba Mosque, Hisn Museum, Heart of Sharjah, Police Academy and many more.

The festival will also extend to the east coast towns of Dibba, Khorfakkan and Kalba, so you can essentially expect a completely lit up emirate.


Sharjah Light Art Festival


What is the Sharjah Light Festival Light Village?


To make the most of the Sharjah Light Festival, you cannot skip out on the Light Village . Open from 1-18 February, it’s the perfect place to enjoy food, entertainment and memorable times with friends and family.

In addition to great food and a fun selection of games for all ages, there is also a special exhibition of light inspired installations under the starry skies of Sharjah waiting for all.


What can you eat at the Light Village?


If last year is anything to go by, you can expect at least over 40 vendors offering a range of flavours from exotic to traditional to fusion. From burgers to salads to speciality coffees, top rated eateries with a wide selection of cuisines will be available for 18 unmissable nights.


What is there to do at the Light Village?


As part of the experiences, this edition will present a huge range of fun activities and entertainment opportunities, including a Light Museum displaying beautiful conceptual light inspired exhibits and play area full of games galore.



7-18 February


Various locations


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