Spot these stunning sustainably aware sculptures by Dubai school students at these spots

Head to City Walk and The Beach, JBR to spot these sustainably aware installations created by Dubai school students

If you’re walking around parts of City Walk or The Beach at JBR, keep an eye out for some stunning installations.

Created by the students in Dubai, these artworks represent the culmination of a six-month-long CSR initiative by Merex Investment.

Engaging over 110 students from prominent educational institutions including the Dubai International Academy Emirates Hills, Dubai International Academy Al Barsha, Collegiate International School, Lycée Français International de l’AFLEC, RAFFLES International School, and RAFFLES World Academy, the sculptures are too gorgeous to miss!

Led by Dubai-based sustainability artist Christine Iris Wilson, the students participated in a comprehensive programme of 32 workshops over five weeks.

The sessions covered a diverse range of topics, including the circular economy, water pollution, plastic recycling, and fast fashion.

Students delved into outside-the-box solutions and gained practical skills in upcycling waste materials. They then applied this knowledge to repurpose 250 kilograms of waste material, including plastic bottle caps, glass, waste textile and aluminium, in creating the four thought-provoking installations.

Here’s the full list!




Sustainably Aware Sculptures In Dubai By Students

Bridging the Gap Sculpture


This interactive installation, crafted by students from Collegiate International School and Lycée Français International de l’AFLEC, symbolises the transition from a linear to a circular economy.

Using locally sourced materials like desert board, steel, and repurposed textiles — such as textile fashion waste and ‘datecrete,’ a date seed-based cementitious material — the students crafted a vibrant structure inspired by the Irish rope bridge.

This piece encourages the public to reconsider conventional design and construction methods while showcasing the harmonious blend of beauty, utility, and environmental responsibility.


Slow Fashion Buzz Wire


Crafted by students from RAFFLES International School and RAFFLES World Academy, the interactive ‘Slow Fashion Buzz Wire’ invites visitors to navigate a maze constructed from recycled textiles, copper, and marine board without triggering the buzzer. Incorporating 3D perspective art, the installation reveals the word “fashion” when viewed from a specific angle, enticing people to engage with the game and navigate the metal frame maze at a deliberate pace, underscoring the principles of slow fashion.

Through this artwork, students learn about responsible consumption and production and sustainable material alternatives, gaining invaluable insights into the environmental and social impacts of fast fashion on urban areas and understanding the imperative for sustainable consumption and production practices.




Sustainably Aware Sculptures In Dubai By Students


Ocean Soundwave Bench


The Ocean Soundwave Bench at The Beach, JBR, crafted by students from Dubai International Academy Emirates Hills, is inspired by the rhythmic waves of the ocean. This innovative seating solution, fashioned from recycled plastic sheets, palm tree fronds, and materials sourced from Polygood by Danube, is the embodiment of creativity and environmental awareness.

Beyond its functionality, the bench serves as a reminder, enlightening visitors about responsible consumption and production, and advocating for marine conservation efforts. With an intricate interplay between land and sea, guests are invited to pause, listen, and contemplate the ocean’s beauty while pondering the necessity for action.


Starry Badriyeh Moon Sculpture


The Starry Badriyeh Moon Sculpture by students from Dubai International Academy Al Barsha is a testament to sustainability and clean energy solutions. This installation, sustainably illuminated saltwater powered LED lights, brings hope for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Constructed from desert board, aluminium, glass, and repurposed plastic CD cases, it invites visitors to interact with its luminous glow simply by collecting 1,000ml of seawater to pour into the funnel located at the base of the structure. Students learned about affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, and life below water.

Inspired by the celestial beauty of the ocean moon and the twinkling starry night, this art installation advocates for innovation in sustainable energy while shedding light on ocean pollution.


For more information, visit City Walk and The Beach JBR

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