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Yalla -- Abu Dhabi Life Magazine

There is no better place than Yalla – Abu Dhabi Life to advertise your products, services and brands so they get noticed by the right audience.


Here’s why


Yalla – Abu Dhabi Life is in all the right places and is more accessible than ever before.

The magazine is now on Etihad Airways and across a wide-spread e-distribution channel too, as well as an extensive in-house distribution list, both in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Apart from that, one of the biggest benefits that advertising in Yalla – Abu Dhabi can offer you is this:

The Yalla – Abu Dhabi Life



If your campaign does not reach a certain benchmark,
we will extend it for no extra cost.

We don’t know of any other publication offering such a guarantee and we are perfectly happy to provide this support for you and your business.

Work commercially with Yalla – Abu Dhabi Life and you can expect the following:


  • Access to a ready-made audience here in Abu Dhabi and Dubai
  • Detailed readymade reports on your campaign, which will save you lots of time creating your own
  • Authentic and organic traffic – 40,000 followers and growing rapidly, with the aim to reach 50,000 in The UAE’s fiftieth year (2021)
  • Content creation by an English native speaker, trained copywriter, journalist with more than 15 years’ experience. Therefore your brand is in safe hands
  • A team that has between them more than 50 years’ experience in the field
  • Both national, regional and international distribution of the magazine
  • Value for money – see our Promise Guarantee above.

If you want to get noticed, Yalla – Abu Dhabi Life has the audience perfect for your company.


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