REVIEW: A Dubai pub great for mates or dates!

Neighbourhood Bar & Restaurant in Copthorne Lakeview Hotel is just the place you were looking for to have a good time.

A post-pandemic world has seen the F&B industry seriously revamp its outlook. From ambiences designed to ‘feel like home’, and food that has as much substance as show, it’s all about creating a wholesome experience rather than just a good meal.

Which is why Neighbourhood Bar and Restaurant comes out swinging, offering the charm of a date night and the ease of a post-work hang. Located at Copthorne Lakeview Hotel, the space is designed to emulate the atmosphere of an authentic English pub. The stark contrast between the indoor and alfresco setting is perhaps just one of many things to appreciate about the restaurant.

Outside, you’re treated to sinfully gorgeous views of the lake, fairy lights, and the citywalk-esque layout of the hotel. Inside, there’s a pool table and several screens for you to cheer your favourite teams on and grab a few hops with your mates. Or you could have the best of both worlds and switch between the two while the weather still permits!


Neighbourhood Bar &Amp; Restaurant At Copthorne Lakeview Hotel


It’s the menu that maketh the restaurant, however, and the one here didn’t disappoint. Large enough without being overwhelming, there are enough choices to satiate both the comfort food and elevated dining personalities.

We started off with the Citrus Fennel & Shrimp Salad, which looked as delightful as it sounds. The tart orange and grapefruit worked beautifully against the lightly marinated but well-cooked shrimp, all tied together with some fresh fennel fronds and lemon dill dressing.

Keen to explore the comforting end of things, we opted for the Nachos con Carne. While props must be given to both presentation and the chips themselves, the dips and toppings were underwhelming, to say the least. Average guacamole and an unevenly dispersed range of toppings marred what might have otherwise been a great sharing plate.

Redemption came in the form of mains, however! The Grilled Norwegian Salmon served with sauté green peas and veggies was an absolute banger. The fish was spoon-tender and marinated extremely well, and while peas might be a tricky side to nail, the chefs here did it and how – paired with the creamy Dill lemon and Beurre noisette sauce, it was the ultimate bite every single time?

We also tried the USA Rib Eye Steak, served with crispy kale, mashed potatoes, and a mustard sauce. While the steak could’ve done with a touch more cooking, it was adequately compensated for by the sides and made for a satisfactorily filling plate overall.

They say a good dessert can make or break the meal. And this is where Neighbourhood Bar and Restaurant could definitely do with some work. The Hot & Cold dessert comes with a warm butterscotch chocolate brownie, strawberry cake, and lemon cake served with one scoop of vanilla ice cream. It’s not good, it’s not bad, and that’s enough said.

As for the Tiramisu Mascarpone, the outright sweetness was more reminiscent of cream than the complex rich flavours one might expect from the use of raw eggs. There wasn’t enough robust coffee flavour to salvage it either, leaving a literal disappointing taste in our mouths.

It’s not all doom and gloom though. The prompt service, glamorous presentation, peaceful views, and good vibes of the place definitely make it one worth visiting! If you’re looking for a place in Dubai that can offer you a great time minus the crowds, this is one to watch.


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