5 MINUTES WITH: Della Pass, one of GCC’s leading women in retail

Della Pass

Della has lived in Dubai almost 20 years ago

Can you share a bit about your journey starting a business in Dubai and your background?


I moved to Dubai almost 20 years ago from the UK and spent those 20 years happily working my way up the corporate career ladder. Having a successful career has always been important to me but then, something changed. I changed. I realised that I needed more from my working life and decided that this is the time to start my own business doing something I love.


What led to your decision to start a business in Dubai, and how has the experience been so far?


There were a few factors that influenced my decision. If I’m honest I don’t think anyone is ever totally 100 per cent ready to start their own business, it’s a case of feeling the fear and doing it anyway! Having amazing support from friends and family has kept me going and so far, it’s been amazing.


How has being an entrepreneur in Dubai influenced your connection to the community and your sense of belonging?


You definitely see things differently when you cross over into the realm of entrepreneurship. I try to support local businesses as much as possible and through my new business I hope I can help as many small businesses as possible to really thrive through my coaching and business mentoring service.

I want to use my experience and share it with as many businesses as possible to help them get ahead. Connecting with people and supporting their business goals is unbelievably rewarding.


Could you highlight someone in Dubai who has played a significant role in supporting your business journey, and what impact did they have?


There are a few people out there who know who they are and have supported me through the ups and downs, but the standout is my husband. His confidence in my ability and total support means everything to me.

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What do you appreciate most about conducting business in Dubai, and how does it contribute to your entrepreneurial journey?


Dubai is incredible for entrepreneurs. The speed and simplicity of getting things done is just amazing. If anyone is hesitating because they’re thinking its too tricky then I would encourage them to get in touch!


What common misconception about starting a business in Dubai would you like to dispel based on your experience?


Even though I just said it’s easy to get a business started here it doesn’t always follow that the business will be an immediate success. Success can take time and cash! I’m hoping that my business mentoring services will help entrepreneurs to avoid potential pitfalls and help set business owners on a road to success.


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