5 MINUTES WITH: Pius Chill, Restaurant Manager at The Westin Hotel Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina

Spend 5 minutes with Pius Chill as he shares his inspiring journey to the top at Marriott International

In our latest 5 Minutes With, we catch up with Pius Chill, a remarkable individual who calls Dubai his second home.

Originally from South India, Pius moved to Dubai in 2007, seeking new horizons and opportunities. Starting his journey as a waiter with Marriott International, he has diligently climbed the career ladder to become the Restaurant Manager of Mina’s Kitchen in 2023.



Tell us a little bit of yourself


I am originally from South India and worked in my home country for three years. Wanting to explore something new, I decided to move to Dubai where I started working in 2007 as a waiter within Marriott International for more than 14 years. I started my career in 2007 as a waiter and worked towards my current role as Restaurant Manager for Mina’s Kitchen at the beginning of 2023.


How and when did you move here, and what inspired the move


I moved to Dubai in 2007 and I have been here for 17 years. I came with my friend who has been living in Dubai for a long time, and what inspired me to move here is how fast Dubai evolves – every year there is always something new to see.


How has living in Dubai shaped your sense of belonging and community?


My initial plan was to stay in Dubai for 2 years and travel to different countries. Time flew by and with the different opportunities available, Dubai has made me grow in my career. Also, I made new friends both in my work and personal life. These friends are like my family members and Dubai has become my new home.


Can you tell us about a particular person in Dubai who has had a significant impact on your life and why?


Ms. Monica Metzger, my first manager at Bussola Restaurant has been my mentor in my career. She has provided me with all of the guidance I needed.


What is your favourite thing about the emirate and why?


Respect and fair treatment for everyone


A myth about Dubai that you would like to bust


Dubai is much more than glittering skyscrapers!


Could you share a memorable moment when you felt the genuine warmth and hospitality of the Dubai community in your own life?


It is challenging to celebrate national festivals with our family members due to operational needs, however, I always make sure to celebrate with my team as we spend a lot of time working together and this strengthens our bond.


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