5 MINUTES WITH: Kelly Lundberg, Personal Brand Strategist, Speaker and Author

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Learn all about Kelly Lundberg as Team Yalla spends 5 minutes with the positive and multifaceted inspiration

Come spend 5 Minutes With with Kelly Lundberg, a two-time author recently making waves for her latest release Deseed the Lemon – How to Elevate Your Personal Brand One Pip at a Time.

A positive person with much to say about Dubai’s strong community spirit, learn all about the international speaker and personal brand strategist’s journey from Emirates to being an entrepreneur.

Take a look!


Tell us a little bit about yourself


Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, Dubai has been my home for longer than anywhere else in the world. I am an international speakers and personal brand strategist helping entrepreneurs and CEOs with their online and offline personal brand credibility, visibility, and strategy.

A second-time author, catch my latest Deseed the Lemon – How to Elevate Your Personal Brand One Pip at a Time.

My podcast allows me to meet many inspiring people every week, and I am a self-appointed member of the 5am Club, I love early mornings and working out.


How and when did you move here, and what inspired the move?


I moved here in 2003 as cabin crew with Emirates Airline. It was an opportunity to travel the world and live somewhere new and exciting, and it was just that. A short two years later, I caught the entrepreneurial bug and decided I, too, wanted to start a business.


How has living in Dubai shaped your sense of belonging and community?


The expatriate community in Dubai is strong, with many people forming close-knit groups quickly because others are in the same position. These networks, whether it’s a social group or sports meet up, provide support and a sense of community, making it easier to adapt to life in a foreign country and feel a sense of belonging. I joined the hockey club when I first arrived, and even now, 20 years on, I am still friends with many of the team.


Can you tell us about a particular person in Dubai who has had a significant impact on your life and why?


It’s hard to pick just one person. I was so inspired by the people I met that in 2009, I wrote a book about 20 entrepreneurs who were doing incredible things in the city.

Salina Handa from SensAsia Spa was someone who supported me, as did Donna Benton, both of whom are featured in my book and still see today. Tash Hatherall from TishTash has been a huge advocate in supporting female-owned businesses, and I am truly grateful for having them all to inspire me.


What is your favourite thing about the emirate and why?


The energy for sure. It has this can-do attitude, and I feel people like to support one another in business.


A myth about Dubai that you would like to bust


Myth: Dubai is all desert.

Reality: While Dubai is located in a desert region, the city itself is a bustling metropolis with skyscrapers, lush green parks, artificial islands, and modern infrastructure. I love weekends at Kite Beach, seeing how much people value their fitness and spending quality time with family.


Could you share a memorable moment when you felt the genuine warmth and hospitality of the Dubai community in your own life?


I feel it every day here in Dubai.

Whether it’s the smile from the Careem driver dropping off something for clients at a moment’s notice, the warm greetings from the team at the gym every morning, or the diverse mix of clients and friends I have made over the years, the sense of community is ever-present. There isn’t just one memorable moment—I experience this genuine warmth and hospitality every day.


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