EDUCATION: How parents can foster early reading skills at home

Fostering Early Reading Skills At Home

Discover practical strategies for parents to nurture their child’s literacy journey from an early age

In the formative years of a child’s education, parental involvement plays a pivotal role in shaping their literacy skills.

While schools provide a foundation, the home environment offers a rich opportunity for fostering a love for reading and language.

For parents of early years school children, understanding how to support and enhance their child’s literacy development at home can significantly impact their educational journey.

Here are some effective strategies to empower parents in nurturing their children’s reading abilities:


Creating a reading-friendly environment


Create A Reading Friendly Environment

  • Designate a cosy reading corner in the house with comfortable seating and ample lighting.
  • Display a variety of age-appropriate books within easy reach to encourage exploration.
  • Limit screen time and replace it with daily reading sessions to cultivate a reading habit.


Modelling reading behaviour


Modelling Reading Behaviour

  • Set aside time each day for family reading sessions where everyone reads silently together.
  • Demonstrate the joy of reading by expressing enthusiasm for books and sharing personal reading experiences.
  • Incorporate reading into daily routines, such as reading aloud during meals or before bedtime.


Interactive reading activities


Interactive Reading Activities

  • Engage children in interactive reading by asking open-ended questions about the story or characters.
  • Encourage children to predict what might happen next in the story based on the illustrations or context.
  • Explore different genres and formats of books to expand their literary horizons.


Building vocabulary and comprehension


Building Vocabulary

  • Introduce new vocabulary words during reading sessions and encourage children to use them in context.
  • Foster comprehension skills by discussing the main ideas, characters, and plot of the story.
  • Encourage children to retell the story in their own words to reinforce understanding.


Incorporating phonics and sight words


Incorporating Phonics

  • Practice phonics skills by sounding out letters and blending them together to form words.
  • Create flashcards or word walls with sight words for children to practice recognition.
  • Use fun games and activities, such as scavenger hunts or word puzzles, to reinforce phonics and sight word skills.


Celebrating milestones and progress


Celebrating Milestones

  • Celebrate achievements, no matter how small, to boost children’s confidence and motivation.
  • Keep track of reading milestones, such as finishing a book or mastering a new skill, and reward effort.
  • Foster a positive attitude towards reading by praising persistence and effort rather than focusing solely on outcomes.

Partnering with schools and libraries


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  • Collaborate with teachers to align home reading activities with classroom curriculum and goals.
  • Take advantage of library resources, such as story time sessions and borrowing books, to supplement home reading.
  • Attend literacy workshops and parent-teacher meetings to stay informed about best practices and strategies.


By actively participating in their child’s literacy journey, parents can lay a strong foundation for academic success and lifelong learning.

Through creating a reading-friendly environment, modelling reading behaviour, engaging in interactive activities, and partnering with schools and libraries, parents can empower their children to become confident and proficient readers.

With dedication, patience, and a love for learning, parents can unlock the doors to literacy and open a world of possibilities for their children.


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