All you need to know about the newly launched Smash Mobile

The Smash Mobile Now Available In Abu Dhabi, Dubai And Sharjah

The Smash Mobile is the latest stressbuster recently launched in the UAE perfect for all on-the-go


Big fan of The Smash Room? Got some pent-up stress to release? Either way, The newly launched Smash Mobile is just what you need!

A first of its kind in the region, The Smash Mobile is the perfect bonding activity for friends, families and even teams at work. Experience the therapeutic release of smashing items straight to every guest’s doorstep, offering a fresh twist to on-the-go stress relief and entertainment.

The best part? The Smash Mobile truck will be available for bookings across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain and Fujairah.

The Smash Mobile can accommodate anywhere between four to 10 people at a time, and is divided into two zones inside.

A Guy Inside The Smash Mobile While Smashing Objects

The first is an equipment area for donning safety gear, and a smashing area, separated by a mesh gate, where you can unleash your inner Hulk!

The Smash Room has long provided a unique and safe outlet for people to express themselves and release pent-up emotions by destroying various objects including TVs, glass items, washing machines, and more, for customers to choose from.

Whether it’s to release stress and inner fury, vent frustration or simply have a good time, The Smash Room is the perfect place to let it all out.

Now bringing the same thrill straight to the guests, The Smash Mobile is sure to help people uniquely relieve stress and blow off steam within the truck.

So for your next birthday/festival/bridal shower/team-bonding activity – you might consider opting for an adrenaline-packed smashing session at your desired location!


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