Dubai Police rolling out free car inspections this summer

Sheikh Zayed Road In Dubai With Cars, Dubai Police Rolls Out Free Car Inspection This Summer To Ensure Road Safety

The free car inspections by Dubai Police hopes to enhance safe motoring during summer


Beep beep!

Motorists will be happy to know that they can now avail of free car inspections in Dubai from now until the end of August.

The initiative is being rolled out by Dubai Police to ensure safe motoring during the rest of the summer months.

Motorists in the UAE face increased risks of accidents during the summer due to soaring temperatures.

From tyre bursts to fire incidents, the intense heat can lead to fatal outcomes on the road.

To combat this, Dubai Police is offering a free car inspection service at AutoPro centres across the UAE until the end of August.


The importance of regular car maintenance


With the extreme rise in temperatures, it’s crucial for motorists to ensure their vehicles are in optimal condition.

Regular servicing not only helps in maintaining vehicle performance but also significantly reduces the risk of accidents.

The ‘Summer Without Accidents’ campaign by Dubai Police aims to enhance traffic awareness and promote vehicle safety during these hot months.


Avail free vehicle health checks at AutoPro Centres


All private car owners can benefit from a comprehensive set of 10 vehicle health checks at any AutoPro centre. The checks include:

AC and air filter: Ensure your car’s air conditioning and filters are working efficiently.

Seat belts condition: Check for any wear and tear to guarantee passenger safety.

Wiper blades condition: Ensure clear visibility during summer rain or dust storms.

Windshield washer fluid: Top up to maintain clear visibility.

Radiator hoses condition: Prevent overheating by inspecting the hoses for leaks or damage.

Battery health: Avoid unexpected breakdowns with a battery check.

Engine oil and coolant level: Maintain proper engine performance by checking these vital fluids.

Tyres pressure condition: Reduce the risk of tyre bursts by ensuring proper tyre pressure.

Fluids level: Check all essential fluids, including brake and power steering fluids.

Lights: Ensure all vehicle lights are functioning correctly for safe driving.

How to avail the free service


To take advantage of this offer, visit any AutoPro centre across the UAE. No prior booking is needed. Simply drive in and request the free inspection service.

This initiative by Dubai Police is a proactive step to ensure that all vehicles are roadworthy and to minimize the risk of accidents during the summer.


Stay informed and stay safe


Dubai Police, through the General Department of Traffic, has ramped up its efforts to promote traffic safety and awareness with its ‘Summer Without Accidents’ campaign.

Motorists are encouraged to stay informed about vehicle maintenance and adhere to safety guidelines to ensure a safe driving experience.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take advantage of the free car inspection service offered by Dubai Police at AutoPro centres and ensure your vehicle is in top condition this summer.

For more information on the ‘Summer Without Accidents’ campaign and other safety initiatives by Dubai Police, follow their official social media channels.


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