The single-use plastic ban in Dubai will come into effect this summer

Dubai Single Use Plastic Ban Starts This Summer 2024

Heads up Dubai! There’s a single-use plastic ban coming our way really soon

Time to say goodbye to plastics!

The UAE has long been discussing and putting into effect a phased roll out of single-use plastics.

Dubai Municipality has now announced further information on the same, where starting 1 June, Dubai will impose a complete ban on single-use bags (including paper, biodegradable and recycled plastic).

This will mean no more 25 fils fees for buying a bag at the retail counter.

From 1 January, 2025, plastic stirrers, styrofoam food containers, plastic table covers, plastic cotton swabs, plastic straws and single-use styrofoam cups will be banned.

Continuing from there, starting 1 January the following year, a ban will then be imposed on single-use plastic cups and lids, single-use plastic cutlery, plastic food containers and plastic plates.

The bags that are exempted from the policy include:


  • Bread bags
  • Trash bin liners
  • Wrapping bags for vegetables, meats, fish and chicken
  • Bags thicker than 57 micrometres
  • Laundry bags
  • Electronic device bags
  • Various garbage bags
  • Grain bags

Fines will be imposed on businesses for non-compliance with the policy of regulating the use of single-use products in Dubai, as follows:

  • A financial penalty of AED 200.
  • In case of a repeat offence within one year from the date of the previous offence, the penalty amount doubles (not exceeding AED 2,000).
  • Dubai’s resolution on regulating the use of single-use products is aimed at protecting the environment by minimising plastic waste, changing consumer habits and fostering a culture of recycling.

The municipality has issued an awareness guide with more information and FAQs to help people and businesses adhere to the rules. Check it out and go greener!


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