REVEALED: The Dubai Green Spine could be the world’s greenest highway

The Dubai Green Spine, The Greenest Highway

The world’s greenest highway is currently in its concept stage and estimated to be cost around USD 10 billion


Sparing no efforts towards making the second Year of Sustainability a success, the world’s greenest highway could soon be a potential reality for Dubai.

The Dubai Green Spine project, still in its concept stage, is an ambitious plan to transform the 64-kilometre-long Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road (E311) into a sustainable corridor by urban planning and development firm URB.

Its research arm, EPIC Lab will develop this transformative initiative to align with the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan.

Cutting through one of the busiest highways – Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed Road (E311) – the 64km corridor would boast of 1 million trees and feature ‘urban farms and gardens’.

According to reports, the estimated cost of the project would be around USD 10 billion and it would have about 25 tram stations. Aimed to revolutionise urban mobility, the project could be completed in four phases over 10 years if approved.

The Dubai Green Spine, The Greenest Highway

At the core of the Dubai Green Spine are 100 per cent solar-powered trams, supported by a substantial 300-megawatt solar energy system. This clean energy initiative is crucial for reducing the city’s carbon footprint and promoting a shift from car dependency to more sustainable transport modes.

The project also commits to enhancing community and biodiversity through extensive green spaces with diverse habitats. Connected by extensive pedestrian and cycling paths, these spaces could enhance walkability and reduce reliance on automobiles.

Additionally, the integration of mixed-use developments will combine residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, strategically positioned to boost urban connectivity and community interaction. These developments ensure that daily amenities are within convenient reach, fostering a dynamic urban life.


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