Here’s where Dubai’s two new parks are

New Parks In Dubai

Perfect for family entertainment, there are two more under construction

With the weather seemingly cooling down, and a public holiday coming up soon – it’s the perfect time to start stepping out again.

Dubai’s clearly catching on, with the latest announcement of two brilliant new parks in town by Dubai Municipality.



Dubbed ‘family entertainment’ parks, the construction of these has now been completed in the Al Warqa 1 and 4 districts.

Built at a cost of AED 8 million, they are part of the fourth phase of a major drive by the municipality to construct several family parks in residential communities.

The same has been established with the goal of creating public parks and distinctive recreational spaces to further enhance the appeal of the emirate as well as improve the well-being and happiness of its citizens.

Two similar projects are currently under construction in Al Nahda 1 and Hor Al Anz East areas, which are scheduled for completion in the coming months.

So get your hats and sunscreen on, and get the kids frolicking!


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Image source Dubai Media Office


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