The UAE government has announced a new Blue Residency visa to be valid for ten years

Blue Residency Visa

The UAE government has announced a new Blue Residency visa to be valid for ten years

You’ve definitely heard of the Golden visa, the Green visa, even certain special benefits for those with a high number of volunteering hours.

But now, the UAE has announced a 10-year ‘Blue Residency’! So what’s it all about and are you eligible for it?


What is the Blue Residency visa?


The newest Blue Residency visa is applicable to people with exceptional contributions and efforts in the field of environment protection and sustainability.

On the back of the Year of Sustainability and COP28, the visa will be granted to supporters of environmental action as well as global award winners, and distinguished activists and researchers.

Who is eligible for the Blue Residency visa?


Those working in the following industries will fall under the category:

  • marine life
  • land-based ecosystems
  • air quality
  • sustainability technologies

Other people entitled to apply include:

  • Supporters of environmental action within and outside of the UAE
  • Members of international organisations and international companies making a positive impact on the environment
  • Members of associations and non-governmental organisations making a positive impact on the environment
  • Global award winners in the environmental field
  • Distinguished activists and researchers in environmental work from both Emirati nationals and responsible residents advocating for environmental protection


How can you apply?


“Sustainability advocates and experts who are interested in the UAE Blue Residency are invited to submit their applications directly through the services of the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security, or through nominations by competent authorities in the state for the individuals recommended for it,” read a statement on Sheikh Mohammed’s website.

Speaking about the new initiative, Al Jaber said the visa will “help further establish the UAE as a frontrunner in the development of technologies, such as artificial intelligence, that can help address climate change.”


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