Dubai 7s ramp up preparations for annual event

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From international tournaments to the best in local youth sport, the Sevens Stadium is set for a busy October

In the lead up to the Emirates Dubai 7s in early December, The Sevens Stadium is gearing up for a busy October, hosting family-friendly festivals and world-class sports.

The Sevens Stadium will host important matches on the sporting calendar including local and international tournaments, as well as an all-day music festival, merging sports and entertainment for the whole family.


The Youth Sports Festival



For the third year running, the Sevens Stadium is hosting the Youth Sport Festival, bringing together young rugby, cricket and netball players to determine the top teams who will play in the finals at the Emirates Dubai 7s in December.

With the first tournament hosted on 13 October and the next round on 21 October, the festival offers aspiring athletes the opportunity to hone their skills in their chosen sport and celebrate their love of the games, to the backdrop of an internationally renowned stadium.

Since the first iteration in 2021, over 1,400 children from across the UAE have participated in the multi-sport competition.

The netball tournament will see 240 players split into 24 teams and three age groups: Under 11, Under 13 and Under 15 while the cricket tournament compromises 12 teams and 144 players aged Under 13 and Under 15.


Women’s XV Tournament



With the tournament underway until 28 October, the Sevens Stadium is hosting the international Women’s XV3 Tournament, featuring teams from Colombia, Fiji, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Kenya and Spain as they battle it out on their journey to the top.

A not-to-be-missed tournament for rugby lovers, the tournament will see the group winner promoted to group 2, while the fate of the bottom team will be decided by a play-off with the next best side, according to the World Rugby Women’s Rankings.


Trib Fest


Trib Fest

Bringing together live music, sports and family-friendly vibes, the Sevens Stadium will host Trib Fest on 21 October. The line-up includes tribute acts covering legendary artists like Queen, Coldplay, Elvis Presley, Bruno Mars, Arctic Monkeys, Oasis, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and many more.

Saturday 21 October is set to be a big day at the Sevens Stadium with the Women’s Ireland v Colombia rugby match, the Youth Sports Festival and 12 hours of live music with Trib Fest. Guests can soak up the atmosphere with an all-day access pass tickets for just AED 75 from Platinum List.


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