Take a lap around Dubai The Loop

The Loop connects you to key destinations in the city by walking or cycling.

Dubai’s is amping up its sustainability efforts.

In a bid to cut down carbon emission from vehicles and provide yet another mode of transport across the city, a 93-kilometer-long climate-controlled highway is currently in the works.

Aptly titled The Loop, the cycling and walking track aims to connect more than three million residents to key services and locations by walking and cycling in minutes – making it the primary mode of transport in the city.

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One of the best things about The Loop is that it will run on clean kinetic energy, which means it will be powered by footsteps. The running tracks are integrated with kinetic paving, which draws usable energy from every footstep creating an individual impact towards Dubai’s sustainability efforts.

Fun fact: The track is made from recycled car tires.

The project is currently in the research and development stage and plans to set a “new benchmark” for the world’s smartest cycling and walking infrastructure.

The concept also aligns with Dubai’s goal of becoming a 20-minute city by 2040 which envisions residents being able to walk or bike to daily destinations in under 20 minutes.

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