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Dubai’s Kids Spring Break Camps are here to infuse the holiday with excitement, creativity, and learning

As the vibrant spring season approaches, parents in Dubai are on the lookout for engaging and enriching experiences to make their children’s spring break truly memorable.

Look no further – Dubai’s Kids Spring Break Camps are here to infuse the holiday with excitement, creativity, and learning.

Packed with a diverse range of activities and tailored for different age groups, these camps promise to captivate young hearts and minds

From storytelling and theatre games to science fiction exploration, there’s a spring break adventure waiting for every child in the dynamic city of Dubai.



11 March to 5 April, 9am to midday, 10am to 1pm

Join the fun with Ocean Kids Spring Holiday Camp for Kids in Dubai, featuring a variety of engaging indoor activities designed to provide a relaxing and enjoyable break for your children.

Diverging from their usual school routine, these activities will not only refresh their minds but also create unforgettable experiences, contributing to their personal growth and skill enhancement.

This camp offers a unique opportunity for your child to learn new things and further develop their existing talents while engaging in dance, keyboard playing, vocals, arts and crafts, karate, face painting and much much more.

For bookings, call 04 370 9676 or 04 280 8178




Courtyard Playhouse

Looking to ignite your child’s creativity and passion for the performing arts? Look no further than Courtyard Playhouse, the home-grown and KHDA-approved theatre house, offering an exciting array of spring camps tailored for different age groups. From the littlest storytellers to budding actors and young performers, there’s something for every aspiring artist.

Courtyard Playhouse’s spring camps promise an immersive and educational experience for children of all ages. With a focus on fostering creativity, storytelling, and teamwork, these camps provide a unique opportunity for young minds to explore the exciting world of theatre.


Mini-Storyteller’s Spring Camp (Ages 4-7):

Sunday, 25 March to Thursday, 29 Mar; 1 to 5 April, 9 am – 12 pm and 1 pm – 4 pm

In the enchanting world of Mini-Storyteller’s Spring Camp, children aged four to seven will embark on a journey of imagination. Through morning and afternoon sessions, they’ll explore a new picture book each day, engaging in theatre games, mime, role-play, and arts and crafts. The week concludes with a delightful showcase for friends and family.

Pricing: AED 1,183.50 before Monday, 26 February; AED 1,315 after Monday, 26 February


Junior Actor’s Spring Camp (Ages 8-11):

Sunday, 25 March to Thursday, 29 Mar; 1 to 5 April, 9 am to 12 pm and 1 pm to 4 pm

Young actors aged 8 to 11 will dive into the worlds of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters in the first week and Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in the second. Through the camp, participants will enhance their storytelling skills, stage presence, characterisation, and teamwork. The week culminates in an impressive showcase for family and friends.

Pricing: AED 1,183.50 before Monday, 26 February; AED 1,315 after Monday, 26 February


Young Performers Spring Camp (Ages 12-14):

Sunday, 25 March to Thursday, 29 March, 1 pm to 4 pm

Geared towards young performers aged 12 to 14, this camp explores the realms of science fiction, self-expression, and spontaneity. Participants will unleash their creativity in an environment designed to foster artistic growth.

Pricing: Dhs1,183.50 before Monday, 26 February; Dhs1,315 after Monday, 26 February.

For bookings, call 050 986 1760


25 March to 5 April

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The pioneer in early learning and play centers announced the launch of Blossom Beats, a vibrant and enriching spring camp for children. From 25 March to 5 April, children will embark on an exciting journey filled with laughter, learning, and creativity.

The camp will be divided into two distinct themes, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience for all participants. The first week will be dedicated to ‘Giggles in the Garden’, while the second week will explore the theme of ‘From Farm to Fun’. Blossom Beats offers a comprehensive range of activities designed to inspire young minds and nurture holistic development.

From gym sessions to sensory steam activities, role play, music performances, mini chef sessions, storytelling, and art creation, children will have the opportunity to explore their creativity and curiosity in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Additionally, the camp will feature messy play sessions and interactive sessions with Little Professors, further enhancing the learning experience.

Prices starting at AED 470 per week. Early registration is encouraged to secure a spot for your child in this exciting adventure. For bookings, call 050 205 4942 or email [email protected]



25 March to 5 April


Navigating through the mid-term break in search of activities that are both enjoyable and beneficial for your kids can be challenging, but worry not – Parkour DXB’s Mid-term Camp’ is the perfect solution.

Distinguished from typical programmes, these camps provide more than just recreational play. Throughout the week, your children will delve into the world of parkour, cultivating discipline, boosting confidence, and enhancing teamwork skills within a secure and organised setting.

Scheduled from Monday to Friday, each day comprises three dynamic hours, ensuring not only a wealth of fun but also a substantial energy burn. Join us for an experience where the joy of play meets valuable life skills in a unique and engaging way!

Prices: AED 733.33 (five sessions). For bookings, call 800 727 5687



25 March to 5 April

This camp are providing a combination of STEM and Technology based activities for both weeks of Spring Camp, from fours years old to 14. Along the way kids will learn about many very interesting topics including robotics, AI, circuit crafts, renewable energies and smart gardening to name a few.
The week will be laden with intriguing challenges and experiments, all suits to the various age groups involved. Let the young minds of these children explore and have fun while also learning some very valuable industry skills moving forward.

Pricing: 1,150 (per week). For bookings, call 04 432 9464



25 March to 5 April

Olioli Dubai

Especially curated for kids between 4 to 10 years old, INVENTSHOP is a fun-packed camp where kids can unleash their creativity, and be inspired by art and engineering principles to create their own wonderful inventions!

In this exciting drop-off program, kids will enjoy activities like crafting motorised wonders using robots and coding, as well as exploring concepts of engineering, art and maths – along with daily gallery time!

Pricing: AED 890 per week. For bookings, call 04 702 7300


Blossom Nursery

Five days per week, ages up to 5

Blossom Nursery Spring Camps

Blossom Nursery has launched the ‘Little Ones, Big Dreams’ spring camp to provide children with a nurturing environment where they can discover and aspire to new heights.

The camp is not just a place for fun and play. It’s a nurturing ground where children can grow and develop into individuals who have the courage to dream big and take action for a better future. The program is designed to unlock your child’s potential and inspire them to make a positive impact on the world.

Through the thoughtfully designed programme, children will have the opportunity to: be inspired to dream big and have a positive mindset, develop self-belief and confidence to chase their personal dreams, gain awareness of global issues, fostering empathy, compassion, and a sense of responsibility, learn the importance of goal setting, perseverance, and hard work.

They will also enhance creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities, experience social and emotional growth, nurturing holistic development and unlocking potential and engage in collaborative activities, promoting teamwork.

For further information, visit theblossomnursery.com


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