Global Village launches new Mini World attraction

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Offering a rich cultural and culinary experience, the exciting addition features 25 replicas of iconic landmarks and 30 food outlets serving diverse cuisines

All good things come in small packages, or so they say!

After relaunching in October Global Village in Dubai has announced the addition of a brand-new attraction for Season 28, Mini World, promising a more wonderful experience to visitors of all ages.

Located behind the Restaurants Alley next to Carnaval, and spanning a massive 10,300 square metres, Mini World is an immersive fusion of cultures featuring 25 miniature replicas of famous landmarks from around the world such as Burj Al Arab, Arc de Triomphe and the Pyramids of Giza.

The landmarks are surrounded by 30 food outlets, including kiosks and food trucks, offering authentic cuisines from each monument’s origin country and providing visitors with a truly exceptional gastronomic journey.

Mini World hosts its own dedicated picnic area as well as the all-new Wonder Stage, creating a wholesome and lively atmosphere for visitors to unwind and be entertained.

And for those who don’t drive, bus routes to the village also resumed recently, with the RTA announcing another new line to the Global Village.

The new line, bus number 107, departs from Al Nahda, behind Sahara Centre, to and from the Global Village. The fare has been set at AED 10 each way.

Global Village continues to welcome visitors for Season 28 until 28 April 2024. For more information you can log onto


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Shane Reynolds