Unveiling Sharjah’s Architectural Beauty: A captivating photography exhibition

Sharjah Exhibition

Discover the intricate artistry of Sharjah’s architectural ornamentations in a captivating photography exhibition

The Sharjah Museums Authority (SMA) has announced the opening of its latest exhibition, “The Art of Architectural Ornamentations in the Emirate of Sharjah – A Photography Exhibition,” hosted at Bait Al Naboodah.

Inaugurated by Aisha Rashid Deemas, Director General of SMA, the exhibition aims to inspire audiences for a period of six months, starting from 17  February.

The choice of Bait Al Naboodah as the venue is attributed to its rich historical significance, central location in Sharjah, and stunning architectural design.

The house features wooden columns influenced by Roman architecture and a unique backdrop of designs sourced from India by Obaid Al Naboodah, adding to its cultural richness.

Its architecture is adorned with intricate wooden and plaster decorations inspired by Islamic art.

The exhibition showcases a fusion of beauty and heritage through various architectural styles, aligning with Sharjah’s renewed identity as a beacon of creativity and heritage.

It features creative photographs from three talented photographers selected from 85 contestants in a competition organized by the Authority, capturing the unique architectural narratives of Sharjah, incorporating Islamic elements like floral patterns, geometric designs, and calligraphy.

Among the featured photographs is the entrance to Bait Al Naboodah Majlis, depicting traditional Emirati door designs and heritage floral decorations, and an image of Bank Street showcasing a graffiti mural.

Additionally, the exhibition includes images of Sharjah Mosque, the largest in the emirate, celebrated for its intricate architectural decorations, as well as the Central Souk, an iconic structure printed on the UAE five-dirham note.

Accompanying the exhibition, the Authority has organised workshops aligned with the event’s goals, including the “Basic Principles of Photography” workshop in collaboration with the Emirates Photography Society and photographer Tahani Al-Arsali.

A “Traditional Ornamentations” workshop offers participants a chance to explore the architectural beauty of Bait Al Naboodah, enriching their appreciation of Sharjah’s cultural legacy.


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Image source WAM

Derek Issacs