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Explore interactive activities, special tours, and workshops across Sharjah Museums Authority’s museum

Everybody loves to visit museums and in the UAE we are spoilt for choice when it comes to historical and cultural places to visit. But when there is free admission, it makes it even more exciting.

And that’s exactly what’s going to happen!

In commemoration of International Museum Day (IMD) on 18 May, Sharjah Museums Authority (SMA) will open its doors for free admission to all of its museums.

This initiative aims to promote cultural exchange and education, in alignment with the theme for this year’s IMD, “Museums, Education and Research.”

Aisha Rashid Deemas, Director General of SMA, emphasised the significance of the occasion, stating, “Museums, ours in particular, are designed to serve all segments of society, offering unique and enriching educational and cultural experiences for everyone.”

Since its inception in 1977 by the International Council of Museums (ICOM), IMD has been observed annually on 18 May to highlight the role of museums in cultural development.

International Museum Day, Sharjah Museum Authority

SMA’s celebration will feature a diverse range of interactive activities, special tours, workshops, and competitions suitable for participants aged 13 and above.

Among the workshops offered by SMA museums are “Word and Wool,” which explores traditional handicrafts historically practiced by women, and “The Craft of Making Seals,” focusing on creating stamps using the Musnad script.

Visitors can also enjoy behind-the-scenes tours at Sharjah Aquarium and engage in activities such as “Creativity with Colors” to create their own paintings.

In addition to events in Sharjah city, visitors to Khor Fakkan can explore Hisn Khor Fakkan and Bait Sheikh Saeed bin Hamad Al Qasimi Museum, offering insights into Sharjah’s east coast history and pre-oil life.

Ms. Aisha highlighted the wealth of knowledge offered by SMA’s museums, catering to families, academics, and individuals with diverse interests. She also emphasised SMA’s commitment to community engagement through initiatives such as Museums Express, accessibility programmes, and publications like “Museums in the MENA Region.”

To learn more about the programmes  offered by Sharjah Museums Authority, members of the public can visit the Authority’s website Sharjah Museums

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