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Virtual Exhibitions At Zawyeh Gallery Dubai

Zawyeh Gallery is hosting the latest works of Palestinian artist Bashir Qonqar

A tiny silver lining of the pandemic might just be the world of virtual exhibitions it introduced us to.

Nothing like the comfort of home without the judgy artists around to explore a whole new world.

Thanks to Zawyeh Gallery, you can now revisit that virtual artistic world with their latest exhibition titled ‘Reflections in Free Fall’.

Created by Palestinian artist Bashir Qonqar, the exhibit is about delving into the social tapestry of existence, exploring the intricate threads that bind individuals within a society.

Through his astute observations and nuanced reflections, Qonqar employs various techniques and mediums, including painting, drawing, digital work, filmmaking, music, and performance, to engage with the multifaceted nature of human interactions.

Evolving since 2013, Qonqar’s ‘Free Fall’ project emerged from a series of paintings that serve as a testament to Qonqar’s artistic vision. In this ongoing exploration, geographical boundaries dissolve, and the place itself becomes an ethereal reflection of our collective essence.

Vibrant and provocative, his use of colour seeks to preserve the beauty and joy found within the visual spectrum, offering a striking contrast to the content of the paintings themselves.

Having left Palestine in 2018 and subsequently settling in Bad Goisern, Austria, Qonqar found himself immersed in a new environment surrounded by trees and woods.

And it’s his humane exploration and observations that have culminated in this wonderful exhibition, which you can share with your loved ones from wherever you are.

Don’t miss out!

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27 June to 30 October 2023




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Image source Zawyeh


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